Best Film Overall (BFF Bull Award) 

Best Feature

Best Short

Best Micro Short (Under 5 minutes)

Best Documentary

Best Screenplay


Best Music Video

Best Animated Film

Best TV Pilot

Best Online Content

Best Male Actor

Best Female Actor

Best Ensemble Cast

Best Cinematography

Best First Time Filmmaker


Best Student Filmmaker

Best Costume

Best Editing

Best Stunt

Best Hair & Make Up

Best Production Design


Best Young Film Maker (under 18)


​Best Young Male Actor (under 18)


Best Young Female Actor (under 18)

​Best Local Film (Midlands based production, theme or cast and crew)

Best International Film (produced outside the UK or made by a filmmaker born outside the UK)

Best Original Score (Music created for your film specifically)

Best Special Effects (Your effects, digital or practical may be so good, we can't see them)

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