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Full Script Evaluation
A thorough breakdown of your screenplay, scene by scene. Story, structure, dialogue, character development, action and formatting, will all be assessed. While the aim is to offer up suggestions on how best to improve your work, he will also complement when you’ve absolutely nailed it!

A detailed report will be emailed out to you, followed by a 40 minute phone/zoom chat to discuss. This will be scheduled to suit both parties. You’ll be free to ask any questions you may have, as well as discussing saleability, and where it currently fits in todays market.

Turnaround time: 2/3 weeks Fee: £300.00
Expedite Service: Turnaround: 2/5 days (including chat) - £75.00 Read and Discuss

If you do not need a detailed evaluation, Damian will read your script, and follow up with a 40 minute phone/zoom chat to discuss. A brief discussion on the above topics, and any questions you may have. If, after this discussion, you feel as though you would like to upgrade to the Full Script Evaluation, a discounted service will be provided.
Turnaround time: 1/2 weeks Fee: £125.00
Expedite Service: Within 24 hours (including chat) £50.00
Discounted Full Script Evaluation (following Read and Discuss) £225.00

Originally from Birmingham, Damian began his career as an actor. He trained at The Oxford School of Drama, has extensive stage experience and has worked with names such as, Simon Pegg, Minnie Driver, Luke Evans and Scott Adkins, to name a few. Damian moved to America in 2005, and during this time, he studied screenwriting at The New York Film Academy in Los Angeles. He later landed a job working in film production for David Ladd Films. He began as a personal assistant, working directly for producer David Ladd (Hart’s War) and alongside his brother, Alan Ladd Jr. (Braveheart). Damian spent most of his time reading scripts, writing coverage, and passing along scripts he believed worthy of consideration for active development. His opinions became so highly regarded, that David would often hand meetings directly over to Damian, so he could share his thoughts to writer’s and producers, on how to fix simple problems and mistakes occurring in the material. Damian has built up an impressive network of industry professionals over the years, and has sent scripts to many companies, upon reading a story he feels has great potential. He has assisted in setting up zoom meetings between aspiring writer’s and some of Hollywood’s leading production companies. The service that Damian provides, is to strip back your screenplay. Writer’s often become so attached to their material, that they can’t see where certain problems fall. You may love a scene you’ve just written, but that doesn’t mean it makes sense within your story. He will tell you when it’s not working, when it’s working beautifully, and when simple tweaks are all it needs. He won’t re-write it for you, but will offer up suggestions, with the aim to get your work to the standard that is required in the eyes of the industry.

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