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BFF settles in new home

Before you wonder, no, we haven’t changed screening venue this year, we’re still a the amazing Millennium Point cinema, with its 350 seat auditorium and largest screen in the region. We do love it there and are so excited to return this year after 2018’s success.

We have changed the venue of the Gala Awards Ceremony to the stunning MacDonald- Burlington Hotel due to demand and the fact that we fell in love with it when we saw it.

But that isn’t what this blog is about when we say our new home, however on reflection, maybe we DO have many homes. As the BFF spreads throughout the city we want to bring opportunity and celebration of talent to every corner.

Having said that, festivals come with a lot of paperwork and so we do need a space to sit, work and put together the 10 day extravaganza we’re are planning. We also have press events, nomination announcements and judging panels to organise and so that’s why we have set up our day to day operation sin Birmingham’s newest and most exciting film studios - The Lampworks.

The Lampworks, Birmingham

Located in the Jewellery Quarter on Key Hill Drive, the lamp works not only offers work space for the dull admin type activities we are occupied with for 11 and a half months of the year but also huge creative spaces including a large photography studio, film stages, dressing rooms, green rooms and a court yard space (for when the whether perks up).

It is a great venue and at the heart of the JQ’s new creative community so being based there makes perfect sense for us.

Already we have seen people coming through the door from a wide range of different sectors, from TV shows for Channel 4 to photographers with Pythons. There have been dance troupes, acting classes, painters and even sport memorabilia broadcasts in the short time we’ve been there and we love it. Being in the hustle an debuts of the arts is what we’re all about.

Feel free to check it out or just pop in and say “hello” to us as we decide on steak or fish for dinner.