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Standard Deadline Approcahing

Time is running out to submit your Short Films, Feature Films, Documentaries, TV Pilots, On-Line Content & Channel, Screenplays and Music Videos before the Standard Deadline approaches.

At the Birmingham Film Festival we have always wanted to be accessible for as many filmmakers and creators as possible. Making a film is hard. It's a long process, tiring, stressful and of course expensive, draining the filmmaker of almost every penny. When post production rolls around things get even harder and by the time the film is finished and the festival circuit looms, there's little left in the pot.

As the faster groiwng UK film festival we have always strived to keep the entry fees as low as we can. During the ealry bird period a short film can be submited for as little as £5 and that price to rises only £10 during the standard submission period, of which we are now approaching the end.

On Sunday the 30th June we will enter the Late Deadline section of submissions, which is teh final period in which work can be submitted. We close for submission son 31st August and it is unlikely we will be allowing any films to be submitted after that. So time is pressing.

Our aim isn't to make money off the back of creators but we do have overheads we need to cover and as the work load for us now increases (viewing and reviewing hundreds of films) the cost of submissions will rise for the final stage.

So, we encourge you to get your films in now while the price is low and time is on everyone's side